Little Blossom Parenting Circle

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We will begin our class with a circle time of movement, song, and verse at 10:00 and flow into a gentle rhythm of parent purposeful work such as cutting veggies for snack. During this time, children are given time for imaginative, unstructured play in the garden.

Parent discussion, led by parent educator, Cailee Fuhrer, will center around chapters in the book, You Are Your Child's First Teacher by Rahima Baldwin Dancy. Sleep, nutrition, daily rhythm and rituals, fostering play, and the joy of raising little ones will be addressed. 

During this time, Co-Educator Dacia Dauner, provides stories and snack to the children. Our time in the garden will end with a goodbye circle. 

Have children 6.5 or older? We offer a full day of activities and workshops for the whole family! See the Village Workshop page for more info!

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Also be sure to check out the Bemidji Peaceful Parenting Group on Facebook for articles and inspiration and posts by like minded parents! This group originally began as a partnership between:

Rail River Folk School, Apple Blossom Childcare, and Yoga by Julie