Apple Blossom Kinder Garden Opening Fall 2017

We are full for 2017-2018 school year, please see enrollment page to get on the waiting list.

Apple Blossom Kinder Garden will be held Monday - Thursday from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm for 5 year olds, starting fall of 2017 at Rail River Folk School.  4 day and 2 day options are offered to best fit the child and parents' needs.

Please see the link below for enrollment options, cost, sample daily schedule and more!

Apple Blossom Kinder Garden Fall 2017 Information Packet  

Apple Blossom Kinder Garden offers an outdoor immersion program in the fall and spring as well as a nature based indoor experience in the winter. During our outdoor immersion program in fall and spring, all of our daily activities will happen outside and in the garden play space. 

Apple Blossom Kinder Garden offers a natural learning environment, creative arts, movement and circle, cooperative games, and opportunities for social/emotional development in a peaceful and nurturing classroom. 

Apple Blossom's educational philosophy stems from Steiner’s theory that learning in these critical early years is centered around the imitation of the child’s environment and experiences absorbed through all of his or her senses. Emphasis is placed on the energy needed for physical growth and development, a vital process inherent to early childhood. Apple Blossom Kinder Garden offers a program which nurtures imitative and imaginative play, social and physical activity, and an appreciation for beauty and nature that will endow children with a strong sense of self and a platform for success in later academic pursuits by building sound logical reasoning, mental capabilities, and a reverence for life. A nurturing home-like atmosphere with a consistent teacher, small class size, and plenty of outdoor time, oral storytelling and puppetry, music, imaginative play, visual arts, natural wood toys and natural fibers, practical life activities such as baking and making soup, woodworking, washing dishes and tending a garden are all part of our days at Apple Blossom.  

Literacy and language is engaged through circle time, storytelling and puppetry.

 Counting, pre-math and science is engaged through baking, gardening, rhymes and counting games.  A focus on social/emotional skills and authentic play experiences, in a setting that engages the young child's senses through nature and the outdoors. First hand exposure to other cultures through songs, stories, music, and food will be part of the Apple Blossom experience.  Our main second language will be Spanish, but other languages and cultures such as French, German, and Ojibwe can be heard and explored.

Apple Blossom Kinder Garden provides morning tea and snack and a home cooked lunch every day. Foods are mostly organic and non-processed.  In the past, we  have partnered with Jane and Frank Carlstrom from A  Tranquil Nook to offer a Farm to School Program  buying fresh produce all summer and into the fall. We  hope to begin to produce our own food as we  transition to our new location at Rail River Folk School  where we will have access to garden space. We strive to be eco-friendly and we value sustainability.  We recycle, use natural cleaning products, use cloth napkins, compost, and encourage care for our environment both indoors and out. 

Apple Blossom Kinder Garden is nature and outdoor based.  Even in the winter, we will take the children outside daily if it is above zero (including wind chill) Please be prepared to provide rain and winter gear from head to toe for your child!

Looking for 1st - 3rd grade? Click the link to check out Apple Blossom Nature School

An afterschool Nature Education and German language immersion program, Gavias Spielgarten is being planned.  This program will be run by Ann Skoe from approximately 2:15 - 4:45 pm in the Garden at Rail River Folk School.  Concept:

 • Forest kindergartens and forest schools have shown that children thrive when given  ample time to play in the fresh air and with natural materials. 

 • Bilinguals are better problem solvers, more empathetic, and have healthier brains than  monolinguals.    

Ann: "Knowing multiple languages and being able to immerse myself in nature has made my life very rich. As a child, I lived in Berlin, Germany for over 8 years. I would love to use my experience as a licensed  teacher, camp director, first aider, lifeguard, naturalist, Waldorf education enthusiast, and mom to guide your child". Exact times and pricing are still being determined. Please email Ann Skoe if you are interested: